A brief history about the Jervis family.

c21 groupc21 old 5-01The Jervis Family began in the real estate profession in 1941. Founded by Harold G. Jervis, Sr. as Jervis Realty, Century 21 Jervis & Associates currently is owned and operated by the third Jervis generation.
Mr. Jervis, Sr.’s philosophy still stands as our foundation 74 years later, and is best summed up in one brief phrase—“Treat your clients as family—take care of the people, and they will take care of you.” 

jervis couple

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Don Jervis Jr., Jackie Jervis Funk, and Jerry Jervis, owners of Century 21 Jervis & Associates, along with The Jervis Family “Family” of real estate professionals, continue the Jervis legacy of real estate ownership and thrive on continuing to assist people in obtaining The American Dream, as they absolutely believe that “one real estate investment may be worth a lifetime of savings.”

Jervis & Associates is now located in the beautiful City of Downey, California on 10841 Paramount Blvd #200. Click this link to contact us.